Best Fruit and Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bouquets to Buy in LA

Making chocolate-covered strawberries or fruit bouquets at home is not exactly hard. But you know what’s even easier? Buying a whole bunch that somebody who makes it even tastier with better products and special touch. Buying fruit bouquets from the Fruquete LA experts will ensure every strawberry, fruit comes out picture perfect and will save you some time that you can graciously spend on browsing the internet for some more Valentine’s Day gift inspiration. Plus, you can never count on grocery aisles to have the best selection of strawberries and fruits ahead of February since they’re out of season, so you can at least rest assured when you order from any of these delivery services you’re getting the cream of the crop…with a bunch of sweet toppings to boot.


Fruquete LA was established in 2020 in Los Angeles during the pandemic after owners laid off in their main job. It started with only a hobby, then it became something owners are proud and enjoy doing. The uniqueness of Fruquete LA is they offer a wide range of bouquets such as: charcuterie set, cheese sets, chocolate covered strawberry arrangements, fruit and vegetable bouquets and many more! They design their own edible bouquets in an artistic and creative way. 


Fruquete LA team absolutely love what they do, and they are proud of  unique products. As a 100% local business Fruquete LA’s aim is always to deliver the perfect gift experience for every customer. Every edible arrangement is designed by the founder. They trained their edible florists to master their skills and be able to replicate the unique gifts for every next customer. Also they have spent many years making sure that everything about Fruquete LA experience is positive. Every minor detail from signature packaging design to produce suppliers of local gourmet ingredients, every part of the production is offering a great quality, luxury and positive emotions. Whether it’s a Birthday Gift, Anniversary Gift surprise, Sympathy Gift or Thank You gift, Valentine’s Day flowers sweet arrangement or a New Baby Gift, we treat these as a special gift for our own family.


Every Chocolate Bouquet in our range is perfected over the years and the best packaging method is used for an epic presentation. We offer the most exquisite chocolate dipped strawberry, fruit and vegetable, flower bouquets. All bouquets are delivered fresh every morning by our trusted local suppliers, and are handpicked to make sure only the most perfect ones are used for Fruquete LA’s edible arrangements. They use the finest high quality Chocolate to dip the strawberries. Variety of white, milk, ruby and dark chocolate is used throughout our range of chocolate bouquets, as well as the most delicious collection of edible toppings and beautiful flowers to decorate the bouquets. Fruquete LA put its passion and experience to deliver a real WoW experience for every chocolate delivery Los Angeles area


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