About us

Made in Flower with Love

We are the creators of Frequet LA . We decided to practice more and create a different variation of edible bouquets. We started to make unique, chic bouquets to make any occasion special for kids, vegans, vegetarians, moms, girlfriends, fathers, boyfriends or just anyone who would like to get an irresistible edible bouquet from us! Our passion for stunning and fresh looking bouquets is what thrives us, we take pride in offering the freshest and best hand picked fruit from California.
We know that sending any bouquet means a lot for a receiver. Whether they are celebrating a life milestone, appreciating and acknowledging kindness, making someone’s day with a spontaneous surprise or welcoming a new human entering the world. That’s why we are always trying to make our bouquets a perfect masterpiece for our customers. Because they deserve a gift that will create a new and treasured memory for lifetime! We invite you to make life a little sweeter with Frequet LA’s fresh fruit bouquets, chocolate dipped strawberries and more!

We have missions that we follow always

  • We support the community by purchasing everything from local farms, organic shops and local markets.
  • We are excited about building strong relationships with everyone we interact with: our customers, our community, and our suppliers.
  • Fruquetela aim to make a difference in the way people taste our products and making it memorable for them
  • We offer something for everyone, from tempting small bouquets of fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth to delicious full-size custom edible bouquets to take home to the family or to your friends.

We offer the following types of bouquets to our clients:

fruits and flowers

Fruit and Flower Bouquets

Boost happiness level of special celebration with our fruit and flower bouquets, chocolate covered strawberry arrangements, berry bouquet delivery anywhere in Los Angeles, USA. This lovely bouquet is prettier with fresh flowers from a farm garden!

Sweet bouquets

Sweet Bouquets

Who says bouquets can only be arranged with flowers? We crossed the boundaries with our chocolate, marshmallow bouquets! It’s a fun & sweet gift for baby showers, kid birthday parties, etc. Get a pure moment of joy when an Frequete LA’s box arrives on the doorstep.

Just flowers

Just Flowers

Nothing can beat the feeling of grace offered by the bouquet of elegant fresh flowers. We offer our flower arrangements decorated in round boxes, baskets. Select a most beautiful bouquet for celebrating any occasion.

dry fruits

Dry Fruits

Tastes are very different.. Some want flowers in their bouquet, some dipped fruits but there is one more category of people too that just want a bouquet of dry fruits!

gift box

Gift Boxes

Sometimes there's simply no reason why a gift is needed. Shop the range of gorgeous bouquets that will make someone smile, just because they simply deserve it. We have a wide range of gifts for him, her and even for kids!

meat and cheese

Meat and Cheese Bouquets

Sometimes the best charcuterie and cheese gift bouquet really means the best sausage and cheese gift basket. Our meat charcuterie is perfectly paired with the best cheeses and your choice of drink. Also we offer vegan cheese bouquets for our friends of the environment

Special occasion

Special Occasions

We are always ready to make your and your loved ones' day memorable. We offer specially decorated bouquets for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Hanukkah, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Father’s day.